Engineered Power lithium batteries

engineered power

Engineered Power LP produces reliable lithium cells for oilfield industry. Among advantages of Egineered Power there are competitive price, high quality and reliability, high-tech manufacturing. Facilities of the company are located in Canada, Alberta, Calgary. Engineered Power was founded in 2000. Company has got a wide experience in manufacturing lithium batteries, hundrends of thousands batteries was sold around the world. Lithium batteries are widely used in oilfield industry, especially in battery packs for MWD and LWD tools manufacturing.
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Engineered Power lithium batteries:

engineered powerEngineered Power lithium cell LIRDD-HT
Size - DD
Temperature - 150С
Current - 750mА
Capacity - 24Ah

engineered powerEngineered Power LMRD-HT
Size - D
Tempreture - 150С
Current - 325mА
Capacity - 13Ah

engineered powerEngineered Power LMRDD-DA-HT
Size - DD
Temperature - 150С
Current- 400mA
Capacity - 29Ah

engineered powerEngineered Power LMRDDD-DA-HT
Size - DDD
Temperature - 150С
Current - 400мА
Capacity - 42Ач

engineered powerEngineered Power LMRC-HT
Size - C
Temperature - 150С
Current - 200мА
Capacity - 6,5Ач

engineered powerEngineered Power LMR3/2C-HT
Size - 3/2C
Temperature - 150С
Current - 100mА
Capacity - 10Аh

engineered powerEngineered Power LMRCC-HT
Size - CC
temperature - 150С
Current - 250mА
Capacity - 15Аh